11/16/2018— P&S sunglasses.

With eyes set ahead, I’ve started to figure where I belong. The never-ending strife which holds me down stopped having a dramatic impact within my life. Photo by Caleb Wolf Product photography has been a journey which I never expected to venture towards. Exploring every inch and cranny, I’ve discovered new ways to work with… Continue Reading

8/18/19–Beach trip

There is no way to pen my thoughts into words, but I can greatly express how I feel through the photos I take. For once, I discovered who I truly am. Finding something that fits not only my personality, but what I will most likely be doing in the impending times ahead.

4/26/18 Unjust, Unhindered, Undone

Photo by Caleb Wolf. Young kids and adults are gathered to remove guns from the hands of the people. We are all humans, so it should make sense that we should stick together no matter the difference. Holding a grudge keeps us from accomplishing greater things and forces us to abide by laws our government… Continue Reading