Salem Zombie Walk 2021

After a long year, zombies have yet again raided Salem on Oct. 30, 2021. This time it took place directly in front of the Taproot Lounge and Cafe.

Photos: pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” rally held at Oregon Capital on Saturday

SALEM, ORE. — pro-Trump supporters gathered at the Oregon Capital in a nationwide “Stop the Steal” rally following the election results on Saturday, Nov. 7. Demonstrations continued on for the rest of the evening with counter-protestors bringing tension between the two groups present. As extra clarification, I left before law enforcement began pushing them backContinue reading “Photos: pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” rally held at Oregon Capital on Saturday”

5-07-2020–Hundreds gathered at Oregon Capitol to #ReOpenOregon

Anti-lockdown protestors stormed the Oregon Capitol to demand that Oregon reduce state restrictions and allow them to go back to work on Saturday, May 2, 2020.   Ronnie Daniels, one of the speakers at the protest, spoke about the “Wuhan Virus,” and expressed concerns that, “This is a shutdown, 1 out of seven, in thisContinue reading “5-07-2020–Hundreds gathered at Oregon Capitol to #ReOpenOregon”

03-18-2020–Oregon Governor Signs Executive Order

Despite Republican efforts to curb the climate bill, climate activists gathered behind Gov. Kate Brown in solidarity for taking climate action into the next step. “While today’s young people are also encouraged to make our world a better place, our planet is running out of time. I have heard it loud and clear…climate action isContinue reading “03-18-2020–Oregon Governor Signs Executive Order”

2-20-2020–Oregon Vapor Trade Association held Vape Day rally at the Oregon State Capitol

The Oregon Vapor Trade Association (OVTA) held a lobby day in front of the Oregon Capitol on Monday, Feb. 10. Their mission included representing manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers of vape products for the state of Oregon. Sharing a vision of unity regarding state and federal level advocacy programs and tobacco harm education with anContinue reading “2-20-2020–Oregon Vapor Trade Association held Vape Day rally at the Oregon State Capitol”

2-14-2020–Joey Nation held ‘Make Oregon Safe Again’ rally

Joey Nations organized a “Make Oregon Safe Again” rally to boost his support and run for congress on Friday, Feb. 14, 2020.  Before Nation’s event aired out, opposition to the event was posted on a Facebook page to ”drown out the hate with love,” which had people show up with little red hearts that read,Continue reading “2-14-2020–Joey Nation held ‘Make Oregon Safe Again’ rally”


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