Photos: Oregon wildfires blankets Salem area in smoke

Smoke surrounds Oregon State Capital around 7:30 am on Wednesday, Sept. 9

For the last couple days, Oregon and her surrounding neighbors are currently experiencing a huge increase of wildfires; causing people to evacuate their towns and homes.

Salem, Ore., first received a blanket of smoke on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

The Oregon wildfires are scourging over 300,000 acres, with, according to KOIN, two confirmed dead. However, numbers may increase substantially once the fires subside; making this the most deadly wildfire season to date.

Oregon towns that were “substantially destroyed,” said by Gov. Kate Brown at a press conference, by the wildfires include: Detroit, Blue River, Vida, Phoenix, and Talent.

Smokey skies cover the First United Methodist Church on Wednesday, Sept. 9
Oregon Wildfires blankets Salem sky on Wednesday, Sept. 9
Cherriots ran bus routes to allow essential bus rides to continue, canceling routes that goes to areas that are currently impacted by wildfires on Wednesday, Sept. 9

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