03-18-2020–Oregon Governor Signs Executive Order

{Salem}—Oregon Gov. Kate Brown held a press conference at the state capitol to sign an executive order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on Tuesday, March 10.

Governor Brown signs executive order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on Tuesday, March 10.

Despite Republican efforts to curb the climate bill, climate activists gathered behind Gov. Kate Brown in solidarity for taking climate action into the next step.

“While today’s young people are also encouraged to make our world a better place, our planet is running out of time. I have heard it loud and clear…climate action is crucial and its urgent. If we do not take action right away it is the next generation [who] would pay the price. Neglect on our part would mean their loss, and that is simply unacceptable,” Brown said.

Encouraging others, Gov. Brown held promises she had given since the beginning of 2019, which would bring new, science-based, greenhouse gas reduction goals to 45%—below 1990 levels—by 2035 and 80%—1990 levels—by 2050. Setting enforced sector specific caps on climate pollution in transportation, natural gas and large industrial polluters.

In hopes to reduce carbon emissions in Oregon, Gov. Brown hopes to cut down pollution to a very minimal cost.

Immediate efforts and bold action are needed to tackle this scourge that is devastating the Oregon we know and love, and a smart approach can both protect, our environment, and continue to grow our economy,” Brown said.

Governor Brown gave a short speech and took questions from the crowd and media.

This is not the first time Republican lawmakers walked out to try and curb this bill, “Republicans lawmakers repeatedly walked out on the job, thwarting the democratic process,” Brown said. “their actions held Oregonians hostage and seriously damaged the legislative branch. Oregonians deserve to be healthy, safe and see opportunity in the future no matter what happens…in the Oregon Legislator.”

The climate investments Gov. Brown introduced would include money for three critical climate related investments, such as, funding for environmental justice work; which would include communities impacted by climate change; creating a clean transition fund to train and prepare workers for well-paying jobs, and tackles wildfire mitigation work in fuels reduction and “create jobs in rural Oregon and foster a healthy landscape,” Brown said. “add climate action as a lens to all state agency work, making lowering carbon emissions a priority.” Brown continued.

I look forward to working Oregonians across the state on implementing this order in such a way that does not exasperate existing economic disparities in our rural communities, tribes, low-income families and communities of color.

Governor Kate Brown
Governor Brown introduced herself to people who came to watch her sign the order on Tuesday, March 10.
Governor Brown signed executive order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on Tuesday, March 10.
Governor Brown met and talked with Youth Activists who worked to combat climate change.
Governor Brown took photos and talked with Youth Activists who worked to combat climate change.
Group photo with Governor Brown after the signing.

03-2-20–Salem Climate Strike

First shift of climate activists gathered in front of the capitol holding signs

Climate Activists held a climate strike in front of the Oregon Capitol to advocate for climate action on Friday, Feb. 28.

Their mission began shortly after the Republican senators walked out on Monday, Feb. 25 to try and curb an environmental bill (HB 1530) from being passed. Telling them to “do their jobs and protect their constituents” from the impending climate crisis.

Groups came in two shifts, one from 12-1 p.m and the other from 3-4 p.m, made up of student activists from both high school and Universities.

While both groups had vastly different people show up, they all shared the same common interest as they advocated in front of the capitol on a cold friday afternoon.

More youth activists shown up after school for the second shift at 3 o’clock in the afternoon
Advocates held “NO WALKOUT on OREGON’S CLIMATE” banner
A small group of Willamette University Students advocated at the strike for climate action
The Climate Strikers helped hold a giant “VOTES FOR WOMEN” flag after the meet.
After the meet, they stood in front and helped with the presentation of the “VOTES FOR WOMEN” flag.
A few of climate advocates in a group huddle with Marilyn Artus, designer of the flag.