Joey Nations speaking to the crowd of counter protesters and his supporters.

Joey Nations organized a “Make Oregon Safe Again” rally to boost his support and run for congress on Friday, Feb. 14, 2020. 

Before Nation’s event aired out, opposition to the event was posted on a Facebook page to ”drown out the hate with love,” which had people show up with little red hearts that read, “#HaveAHeart,” while others carried large hearts, signs and masks, in response to Nation’s goal of ending illegal immigration and Oregon’s sanctuary state laws.

Expectedly, as Nations began speaking, the crowd of counter-protesters surrounded the tent, chanting and screaming at Nations and his supporters in hopes to disrupt the event. 

In response to calling Oregon a “magnet to attract illegal aliens,” Nations held his ground yelling and preaching his words so that everyone could hear him as he was being heckled.

Insults were thrown, and the Oregon State Police were watching in the background to ensure everyone’s safety during the entire event.

Edit Note: the article was edited to flow more better and to provide additional details missed.

Counter-protestors started to arrive in front of Nation’s tent.
Counter-protestor handed Nations a paper heart with “No Walls” written on it.
Iron Front logo and “IMPEACH” drawn on the top of an umbrella.
Counter-Protestor held a “Good Night White Pride” flag in front of Nations.
Counter-protestors held giant pink hearts to “drown out the hate with love.”
Counter-protestor holds “No cages, no walls. Peace and Dignity for all” sign.
Counter-protestor holds pink heart with words reading, “No Human Is Illegal.”
Caesar the No-Drama-Llama made an appearance to the event with his handler Larry McCool.
Counter-Protestor holds “Reject Trump” sign and Iron Front Umbrella.
Trump “Keep America Great!” flag was held up at the rally.

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