Oregon residents rallied in front of the Oregon Capitol in protest of the Carbon Tax plan that is said to be “one of the most complex and sprawling pieces of legislation,” (Oregonian) on Monday, Jan. 3.

The Carbon Tax is a bill to regulate the amount of emissions entering the environment. Forcing companies who exceeds the emission target to pay credits to the slush fund estimated to bring in $700 million in new taxes.  

Dawn Bull, Multnomah County resident and registered voter, speaks out on the matter in “opposing [the] Cap-and-trade [bill], which is under legislation as we speak,” Bull said.

Dawn Bull, Multnomah County resident and registered voter holds “No Carbon Tax” sign at the Oregon Capitol

“Bottom-line, what it will do is raise our gas prices, gasoline prices and it will raise our diesel prices. North West Capitol Gas, they are talking about 72 cents a gallon for gas in the first year. They are [also] talking about a 30% increase in your northwest natural gas bill—in the first year,” Bull said.

With both the raising gas and utility costs, the basic cost of living is expected to raise as things delivered by trucks—groceries, medicine and clothing—will begin soaring in price.

A truck honks its horn for “No Carbon Tax” ralliers.

“That is just the beginning of it, what it does to reduce emissions in the state of Oregon is virtually nothing. On the grand scale, Oregon already has one of the best emissions rates in the United States. And so, this is basically an energy tax.”

the rally goers held up signs and stood at the edge of the sidewalk, waving and showing their support for the cause to the passing cars.

The last time the Legislature tried to put through HB2020, “Kate Brown slapped an emergency clause on it…[and] basically said ‘no Oregon voters, you cannot vote on this,’” Bull said.

A “No Carbon Tax It Creates Poverty” sign

“So, I am here because I think Oregon should be able to vote on it, because it is going to affect virtually every single Oregonian in the pocketbook,” Bull said.

Oregonian holds “No Carbon Tax” sign at the Oregon Capitol Monday, Jan. 3.

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