Lights4Liberty protestors held candles while singing songs for the immigrants in detention camps.

Protestors rallied in aim to shut down the detention camps over concerns of overcrowding and inhumane conditions. Several local groups, especially Causa, Oregon’s Immigrant Rights Organization, held vigils world-wide July 13, 2019.

I’m from Mexico, and I understand the struggle to the immigrant people. I emigrate to the U.S when I was 15 years old. Looking for a better future, looking for the American dream. In my small town in Elastico Mexico, the women don’t have the right to go to a school; only too 6th grade. So, when I finished my 6th grade, my mom said, ‘Well, daughter, we don’t have money to send you to a school and right here there is no jobs for women.” The only jobs for women was cleaning houses or care for the little ones of other people

Loreno Manzo, Community Organizer for Causa
Filmed by Caleb Wolf and edited by Josh Wolf

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