2/23/2019–An end of life

Today, I have awoken to the sounds of clacking from the backyard. Our sweet chickens were forced to defend themselves from a hawk, and sadly one has perished in, what I hope, was last a last-ditch effort to protect two other adult chickens and two chicks.


Our black Polish, Bling, was the unfortunate victim in this situation. The overwhelming fact that she’s no longer with us hurts our family deeply. While she was only one, she was part of the family. So, by protecting the two she has grown up with, besides the fact that she was mainly picked on for a while, she will always be remembered even after death.

Support my family

While I do not enjoy doing something like this, I want to give support to my sister and mother who been struck hard by this tragic event. I do hope that I would be able to get them something to help ease their pain.


Rest in peace Bling, died 2/23/2019. All donations will go towards emotional support to my sister and mother and further the protection of the survivors of this event.