1/5/2018—Strength and Persistence

There are many modes of photography, and it takes the photographer alone to understand what path to take. While that path may be difficult to find, it holds the key to unlocking the truth inside.

When the time permits, the ability to unlock the gate will arrive. There will be struggle and strife, but with persistence and courage, anything can be possible.


In no way am I perfect in my photography skills, but I have not given up. I will persist until the end, and maybe someday will I have enough courage to step even further out of my shell.


By given up, you admit failure. By admitting defeat, you have given up all possible chances of improving. While it is easy to look at others and feel a sense of woe, you have to think about the good qualities you possess.

Step up and be proud, because you have so much good about you still locked up. Destroy the lock, feel free to express yourself!

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