While we have released the squirrel (Willow) in the wild outdoors, she comes back to feed every single day without failing to show up. 

Reminding us about how much joy this one little rodent brought to us when she first discovered to be abandoned by her mother. 

When we first found Willow, we waited to see if her mother would come back.

We never gave up hope, so we raised her ourselves; which allowed her to grow a bit more independent (just enough to live outside). 

A closeup on willow feeding on an almond from within the house.

However, despite having the perfect opportunity, she never went away. Sticking around, we have continued to take care of her. 

Willow walking up to the front door to be fed almonds.

Hopefully, we will continue to watch her play, jump, and scurry around the yard. Though, only time will tell when she will never return. 

Willow scurrying off to bury, and eat, almonds.