9/21/2018—Product Photography & Some growth

What does photography mean to me? Well, the simplest of terms, photography means getting out there and being someone I never thought I would ever become.

In no means am I the perfect photographer, yet I am not halted from growing. There will always be some ups and downs, but I am ready to experience what the world has to offer. So, once the first obstacle approaches, it would be time begin transformation.

For now, I will always have support from friends, family, and colleagues. Even though I maybe see most once or twice, the people who knows me will give the most attention. For everyone involved in my growth, thank you.

For the purpose of this post, it’s just about product photography. Showcasing my growth, I will continue to accept that I have more to learn. Yes, there will be the occasional struggle, but in-time I will continue to expand my current knowledge of photography.

It’ll take years before I completely master my own skills, and even before then I will still have something to learn.


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