With Summer coming to an end, and students starting to get ready for a new school session to begin, it’s time to enjoy one wonder that all Oregonians oh-so adores: The Oregon State Fair.

There’s so much to see and little time to do everything on your list; whether that be watching the animals, rocking out to the concerts, or riding the attractions.

Lucky to be here, I get to be present in watching the younger generations run a muck and love the fair as I did when I was in their shoes.


So, during one of the events, I was able to witness a band, The Beat Goes On, before they began their march towards the stage.

Later, I was able to meet a talented Magician, Brian Proctor. He brought laughter and fun to the sidewalks of the fair.

After a while, it was time to take a leave. Though, even though I wish we can stay in a world where there’s no political divide or hate, there comes a time when we must continue with our life no matter the struggle. We have to remember to stay strong.