8/21/2018–Second day on the beach…what?!

There comes a time when you must step out of your comfort zone and endure new endeavors to help yourself grow. By getting out of your shell, the world releases new possibilities to make a mark.

We all can’t be successful, but it takes courage and motivation to have the ability to do anything that your heart desires. Staying put in once place will only lead to hurt and worry. You will start to crumble into the sea of uncertainty, scared that your actions will only lead to others being hurt worse than yourself.

Tell your own story and be who you want to become. Step out in the world and make something of yourself. No one said it was going to be easy, but no one said that it’s going to be hard. It takes bravery and incentive to do anything. So, step out and don’t be afraid to be that change.

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