For one, I can’t believe I am writing another movie review. So, in all that is glory, I’ve just watched another breath-taking movie known as The Greatest Showman.

In the beginning, this movie starts off in the late 19th century. P.T. Barnum, formally known as Hugh Jackman in the showbiz, is portrayed as a young lad with nothing but a penny to his name. However, when he met Charity his world instantly changed in a flick of a glance.


After their encounter, Charity’s father sent her off to finishing school Barnum promised to always write to her and promised until the day they’re reunited to give her everything.

During some time in the showbiz, everything started to fall apart for Barnum, and when faced with the risk of losing his dream, he would have lost everything. Wanting to become more than whom he was supposed to be, he failed at seeing that he has everything anyone could value.


In the end, the message that could be taken out is to never take anything for granted. That what you have could change in a heartbeat. So, live to the best of your ability. Make some mistakes, but never look back. We’re in it together no matter the circumstances, so take the leap.