It doesn’t have to be easy, but you have to love what you do. Learning from your mistakes helps you grow not only in the field of your dreams but also as a person.


Know your limitations. Being aware of what brings you down can help you drastically improve. For example, I’ve struggled with lighting situations; particularly indoor lighting. While that may be the same struggle as other photographers, I have to still be aware of what’s bringing my photography down and find ways to combat it.


Now, no one said have limited supplies were bad; there are ways to figure out how to use what you have to create amazing works of art. For example, I’ve used a giant poster board that my father and sister is using to for the chicken coup. With the lighting of my flash, and skill of my amazing composition skills, I’ve managed to take shots that just amazes me.


After all, the end product is what you should always strive for, but always remember one final tip; have fun.