A little heads up, this isn’t something I normally would do. However, because I was in the mood, I thought I would share this movie and spread my feelings about it.

Just recently, a movie was released titled “Love, Simon.” Going off the recent trend of, “Coming out,” it’s supposed to strike the beautiful moment when someone is going through the process of discovering who they are. Shockingly, I was astounded by the beauty that it presented. Just the message was clear, simple, and easy to follow, it’s a movie that has glorified what it means to be human.

While the movie had its downfalls like terrible, and corny, jokes, it’s meaning was not lost. Towards the end, we’re introduced more deeply into the fears of someone coming out of the closet for the first time might be.

Struggling to find the end, our protagonist, Simon was left with a choice of expressing to everyone he knows or keeping it a secret. Wanting to know who Blue was, he had to pass obstacles, and even blackmail, to find out who he was emailing.


Growing up, I’ve been born and raised a Christian my entire life. I’ve encountered what it means to love someone no matter the circumstances from parents that love me no matter what. For most, I know that we’re in the time where people aren’t forgiving. Scared of change, we shrink away to our own individual bubbles, and socially block out anything we don’t want to see; whether that might be in the form of walking out of classes, participating in rallies, or even trying to impeach a certain president.

There shouldn’t be fighting and, most importantly, we shouldn’t be trying to split into our retrospective political parties. Instead, we should grip onto what makes us unique. Our Forefathers didn’t seek out this world, so we can separate ourselves, they’ve overcome what was ought to be socially unacceptable and risked being killed doing so; all the while, giving us the ability to speak our minds.

I am getting a little ahead of myself. If you feel like this movie is interesting enough to give a try, than go watch it. Though, there is no forcing anyone here.