Chemeketa CC have started development on the new soccer field this year, more updates will be coming soon at

We’re in it for that one thing in life. Whether that be a position in your workplace or spot in the College soccer team, that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing something new.

By stepping out of your bubble, you can stretch wide among all the possibilities that you encounter yourself into. A range of possibilities that may seem impossible from the inside but is achievable if you have the right mindset. It’s understandable that change is not likely to show up, but that shouldn’t dictate whether you achieve your dreams.

You may feel as though you’re lost, scared that whatever you do nothing will help. Wondering the path of the Acheron (River of Woe), lost in your ways without any possible way to backtrack. However, it’s important to strive to become the person you want to become. There is no limit to the possibilities that you can overcome. The fear that once held you done will no longer have an impact on your self-esteem. The ability to do something great will lead you to having greater success in the future. So, stand strong and eventually you’ll find your way through the gravel road.