While it may not come as some surprise, but I am nowhere near perfection. From now, until the day I die, I will continue to grow not only as a photographer but as a person, too.

These chicken are the same. However, they don’t worry about the stresses of everyday life. Instead, they have to prove who’s more dominant among each other.

They will peck at each other, but they’re still together. They’ll try and escape, but they are still together.


In some way, or another, we are just like chickens. Society has forced us to keep moving through the ranks to be successful. Forced to be great, we belittle everything we do like it’s nothing.

Throwing away any chance of happiness, we strive for that success that may never show itself. We’re lost and afraid, like a new batch of chicks in a coup. But, one this is for sure a sign of success; we have others to share it with.