5/15/18– Out with the old in with the new!

A class assignment during my first photography class at Chemeketa CC.

Growth as a photographer is something that everyone strives to achieve. The moment our work gets noticed, a giant grin just grows as we read through every comment that is left and we take it to heart.

As a young photographer, I’ve hit my lows and highs in what I photograph. Even now, as I have become such a talented photographer, I still have problems as it raises.

Every photograph here is where I began. So being brutally honest, it was horrible. However, I didn’t let a bad experience drive me down. Instead, it did the opposite. I wanted to find my flaws, so I could fix them. I wanted to learn more of what I can, and show everyone what I am capable of without help.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new, old, or just never picked up a camera, but what does matter is that spark that ignite once you’ve finally discovered what you want to become.

A portrait of a classmate during my first Photography class.

It starts with you finding that unique skill about yourself. Nothing else, nothing more.

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