Leia staring out the window in anticipation for the moment to go wild.

Love is the strongest thing that can be achieved when you allow it. It can be simply loving your neighbor, your pet, or even your family. No matter what, holding someone close to you will enlighten your day.

We’ve had Leia for almost three years, and she has brought so much life and joy into this family. Bringing to this world a sense of laughter that has never been achieved before.

After we’ve had her for a year, she gave birth. Two puppies joined this family, each one full of energy that of been used to power the entire house.

Ygritte in the arms of her owner and “Grandmother.”

One of the puppies moved to L.A. for half the year, while the other stayed with us. We named her Ygritte, after the Game of Thrones trilogy.

As of now, she continues to fill our house with as much joy as she can provide. Despite trying to dig in our noses for gold, she still loves us enormously.

We couldn’t call 2018 a better year without having these puppies around.