4/26/18 Unjust, Unhindered, Undone

4/26/18 Unjust, Unhindered, Undone

Photo by Caleb Wolf. Young kids and adults are gathered to remove guns from the hands of the people. We are all humans, so it should make sense that we should stick together no matter the difference. Holding a grudge keeps us from accomplishing greater things and forces us to abide by laws our government […]


Tonight, a show located at Chemeketa’s Planetarium was featured during 7:30 until 8:30.


Went over to Focal Point over in Dallas, took this portrait shot while I tested out a sigma lens. Hopefully the lens arrives soon!


When it comes to Chemeketa, I’ve noticed an abundance of litter scattered all over campus. Now, this isn’t necessarily terrible, but something needs to be done to ensure that our campus remains relatively clean.